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FerroLabs’ LiquidAudio ferrofluids are specifically designed for the loudspeaker industry. Unique heat-transfer properties of LiquidAudio contribute to the increase of power capacity (for 100%) of present speaker models and to the downsizing of newly-designed ones. High thermal stability of a LiquidAudio carrier fluid prevents ferrofluid from drying even at high (more than 130°C) temperatures, thus extending speaker life time. Viscous properties of LiquidAudio provide smoothing of gain-frequency characteristics and reduce gain compression.
The unique ability of ferrofluid to handle wide temperature ranges (-70°C up to +150°C) and tolerate high humidity ensures excellent performance in virtually every environment.
Voice Coil Centering Magnetic fluid, which is placed in the gap surrounding the voice coil, provides a restoring force.
Damping Damping is achieved by the resistance provided to the moving coil. Variations in viscosity affect the level of damping.
Cooling The operating temperature of the voice coil lowers due to the higher thermal conductivity of magnetic fluid in comparison to air conductivity, which reduces the risk of speaker failure.
Power Capacity Lower operating temperature also increases power capacity.
Production Yield Due to the properties of magnetic fluid, such as damping and centering, production yield is increased.
Coil and Magnet Size LiquidAudio magnetic fluids power handling capabilities result in developing drivers with smaller coils and magnets.

The LiquidAudio line, as with all of Ferrolabs’ products, is designed and manufactured by Ferrolabs’ own team of chemists and engineers, thus ensuring the clients with the highest quality product every time.
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